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Information for buyers or sellers of DRI/Sunterra/GVC Points

Mosslime Consultants Ltd have assisted buyers/sellers of timeshare points for many years.

Once an agreement between the parties has been reached, both the buyer and the seller need to complete an agreement form (provided by Mosslime Consultants Ltd) based on the details of the deal agreed between the parties. In order to draw up the agreement form the following details are required:

  • the full name(s), postal and e-mail addresses and telephone number for the buyer
  • the full name(s), postal and e-mail addresses and telephone number for the seller
  • the number of points to be transferred
  • details of any banked points to be included
  • the year up to which management fees have been paid
  • confirmation of which party will pay the fees - the £299 DRI transfer fee and the £50 escrow fee.

Please advise us of these details via the 'submit details' page.

The form will be e-mailed to you. Please check the details, sign where indicated and return it to us by post.

The buyer’s form should be accompanied by a cheque for the purchase price made payable to 'Mosslime Consultants Ltd'. The escrow fee should also be paid at this stage unless otherwise agreed. Alternatively monies may be paid direct to our bank account (details will be supplied).

We will bank all cheques received in a secure ‘client account’. When the cheques are cleared, we will inform the seller and request that they then release the points certificate, with the back completed, to the buyer.

On receipt of the points certificate from the seller, the buyer should add their witnessed signatures and send the certificate to DRI together with a cheque made payable to 'Diamond Resorts Europe Ltd' for the transfer fee, currently £299.

On receipt, DRI will ask both the buyer and the seller to complete a short additional form. We will advise you how to do this.

After approximately three to four weeks DRI will approve the transfer and send the new certificate(s) to the buyer in their name(s).

On receipt of the new certificate(s) the buyer needs to send Mosslime Consultants Ltd a copy.

On receipt of the copy points certificate(s), Mosslime Consultants Ltd will release the purchase money from the escrow account to the seller, in accordance with the agreement.

If for any reason DRI do not approve the transfer, upon receipt of written confirmation, Mosslime Consultants Ltd will return the purchase money to the buyer and DRI will issue a replacement certificate to the seller.

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