Step1. Either the buyer or the seller provide details of the proposed transaction and Mosslime Consultants Ltd draw up a contract for approval and signature by both parties.

Step 2. The buyer pays the purchase price to Mosslime Consultants Ltd and we bank it in a secure client account at Barclays Bank Ltd.

Step 3. Once the cheque has cleared, Mosslime Consultants Ltd advises the seller to deliver the goods to the buyer.

Step 4. On receipt, the buyer checks that the goods are as described and in accordance with the contract.

Step 5. Both buyer and seller confirm that the contract has been completed to their satisfaction and Mosslime Consultants Ltd release the funds from the escrow account to the seller.

The steps above can be varied where for example the goods, a title deed or certificate of ownership for instance, are also held in escrow by Mosslime Consultants Ltd. The details of how each individual escrow transaction will operate will be fully explained to both parties as part of the contract approval process.

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